Chef Julia 21 Day Challenge

I decided to start a 21 day challenge to see if there was anything I could do to lose weight and improve my health. After 18 days on the 21 day challenge I had lab work done.  My total cholesterol dropped 40 points to 171, my LDL went from 126 to 98, Triglycerides from 191 to 125, HDL from 54 to 50.  My weight went from 162.5 to 158, so not a big drop in weight, only 4.5 pounds, however I had been stuck in the 160’s forever!  I knew then that the source of my inability to lose weight and the other issues I had been experiencing were directly related to my eating habits.  I’ve continued with the 21 day challenge since May 18 and by July 28, 2020 my weight was down to 149 pounds and my blood pressure is staying in the 127/60 range. 

In this e-book, you will find What Changes have I made?, How to Get Started, Meal Prep Ideas, and 30+ Recipes to start your 21 day challenge journey.

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